Pasadena Occupancy Inspection Update

Good News Pasadena Residents!

In late August, the Pasadena City Council approved massive changes to the Occupancy Inspection Program.  Instead of a visit from the city’s code enforcement officer and a certificate of occupancy needed to close every sale, home sellers and buyers will soon be able to self-certify. There are no illegal conversions or additions.

This is a huge change from the current often-contentious occupancy inspection process!

City Council approved changes (7-1 vote, Mayor Tornek the only no vote) include:

* Requiring condos and townhomes to only file proof of fire safety

(smoke alarm, CO2 alarm, fireproof door) with the city

[No city inspections!]

* Dropping city inspections for single-family homes and only requiring the buyer and seller to submit a signed affidavit certifying no unpermitted additions or conversions and fire safety features installed

[No city inspections!]

Should there be an unpermitted conversion or addition, it will remain negotiated between the buyer and seller as to who is responsible. Should it be the buyer, he/she will have six months to apply for a permit and twelve months

to complete the project.   

A staff proposal that would require submission of a site plan

and floor plan was NOT approved. 

City staff will return to the City Council in the near future with the proposed language to actually change the ordinance.  Once approved by the Council, the changes will go into effect.   

Until such time as that occurs (likely within the next 60 days),

the current requirements remain in place.  Please be sure to watch for news of when that happens at   

Posted on October 26, 2018 at 6:21 am
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